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Must-See Gay Movies of 2023

bear4watchDecember 17, 2023

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for gay cinema, with several compelling LGBTQ films already garnering attention. Here are five must-see gay movies hitting theaters this year that explore a diverse range of stories and experiences.

My Partner

My Partner follows two high school boys, Kaipo and Jayron, who develop romantic feelings for each other despite coming from vastly different social circles. Directed by Keli’i Grace and written by a creative team including Lance D. Collins and Sean Dunnington, this tender coming-of-age drama promises to tug at heartstrings.

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Ro Narukisosu

This eccentric Japanese film directed by Tsuyoshi Shôji centers on a 74-year-old proud gay man named Yamazaki who falls in love with a young sex worker named Leo. Their cross-generational gay romance promises humor and heartache in equal measure. Known for his sensitive direction of LGBTQ stories, Shôji brings a light touch to this late-in-life love.

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The Lost Boys

Set in a strict juvenile reform center that prohibits physical contact, The Lost Boys follows two boys, Joe and William, who defiantly fall in love. Directed by Zeno Graton and written by a team including Clara Bourreau, this French production promises to be a stirring, forbidden romance.

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This emotionally complex Japanese drama from director Daishi Matsunaga delves into fashion editor Kôsuke’s memories of his late mother as he navigates a new relationship with personal trainer Ryûta. With strong lead performances, Egoist intimately explores the interplay between past and present.

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Love in Country

Exploring the previously untold history of LGBTQ soldiers in the Vietnam War, Love in Country centers on two gay sergeants leading their platoon during the chaotic Tet Offensive. Directors Kurt Braun and Richard Gayton promise a war drama that cuts to the emotional core.

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With their diverse stories and perspectives, these five films suggest 2023 may prove a milestone year for queer cinema. Mark your calendars for this compelling gay movie slate.